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St. Mary-Corwin Hospital
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Downtown Partnership
Care and Share Food Bank

Ballot Issue
Q&A Downtown Development Authority

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Art on the Streets (online)
Citiline Mortgage
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Fruition (tagline and bus card)

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Antlers Hotel
Colorado Springs Utilities

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Window King

Downtown Partnership
Care and Share Food Bank

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Lamar Outdoor Advertising

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Being Santa
Was Dan Quayle Right?

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Girl Scouts Capital Campaign
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Care and Share Food Bank

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Comm. On Children & Families
Haiti Mission Project
Imagine Downtown

Hope is the Recipe

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Downtown Partnership
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Wildernest Community

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All that Glitters Jewelry
Berwick Electric
Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado
Children’s Museum of Colorado Springs
Citizens’ Goals (now Leadership Pikes Peak)
Citiline Mortgage/Karen Rowe
City/County Commission on Children & Families
Colorado Springs Neighborhood Resources
Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services
Colorado Springs Style magazine
Community Ventures, Inc.
Concept Communications
Fred Darpino, sculptor
Downtown Development Authority of Colorado Springs
Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs
Ferguson Electric
Fort Carson Department of Environmental Compliance
Fountain Valley School of Colorado
Girl Scouts Wagon Wheel Council

Goode Agency
The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce
Heritage Media Corporation
Homeworks Interiors
Horstmarr, LLC
Junior Achievement National
Lamar Outdoor Advertising
Lea Regional Medical Center
Marcy Morrison, Politician
Murphy Constructors
Phoenix Art Restoration
Pottery by Pankratz
Product Concept Inc.
St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center
St. Mary-Corwin Health Foundation
Springs magazine
Springs Today
The Squash Blossom Gallery
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Window King


Susan’s feature articles, Web content, advertising campaign copy, advertorials and more help communicate St. Mary-Corwin’s mission internally and externally. Her writing synthesizes complicated medical issues and processes and is always focused, compelling and on time — even on short notice. I wish I could hire her full time!
—Wendi Dammann, Regional Director, Strategic Marketing, Centura Health

In non-profit community revitalization, the subject matter can be quite complex, yet Susan wades through the detail to arrive at its essence. Similarly she’s a gifted verbal communicator, asking questions to arrive at key issues quickly. She is one of the most effective writers with whom I’ve worked. She makes almost any subject fascinating.
—Beth Kosley, former Executive Director, Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs

Susan McConnell's approach is both thoughtful and highly creative. She takes the time to understand the agency's needs and the message to be conveyed. One of her hallmarks is the ability to translate the client’s key mission into a product that “hits home” with the audience. Whether writing human-interest stories, producing a media ad, putting together a marketing campaign or consulting on a project, Susan’s services are top quality and delivered with no less than unparalleled professionalism.
—Paul Butcher, Director, Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

Quality of product — great. Professionalism and expertise — great. Cost — very competitive. Susan asks good questions, gets the job done well and quickly. I definitely recommend her!
— Jane Robbe Rhodes, Chief Development Officer, St. Mary-Corwin Health Foundation

Susan has a unique ability to tell a story in a clear and compelling manner, while creating a personal connection with the reader. No matter the style or subject matter, her words paint a picture… shape an opinion… or set the record straight. In all cases, it’s writing that works.
—Karen Conway, KMC Associates

Susan took the time to find out what I was really trying to say with my business brochure. Her creativity is impressive. Now I’ve got a brochure with great curb appeal that reflects my knowledge, experience and character. Working with Susan was money well invested!
—Karen Rowe, Citiline Mortgage

She’s a true professional—delivers what she promises, accurately, in a timely fashion. Susan asks the right questions and is respectful of her client’s time.
—Dave Trudell, Director, Marketing & PR, Lea Regional Medical Center, Hobbs, NM

Susan’s coaching gave me fantastic ideas, valuable feedback and a “safe” place for me to address concerns. She helped me learn to think differently. She’s an awesome creative resource. The Marketing and Communications Plan she developed for us is wonderful — it keeps me on track! I can’t recommend her enough.
— Suzanne Lee, Communications & Marketing Director, Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado

Susan has that freelancer valued ability to understand what she’s writing about, just like someone within the organization. Her finished work is always accurate and well crafted.
—John Mitchell, former Chief Operating Officer, St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center

The organization that Susan has brought to the copywriting side of the project and how it was presented to me was outstanding and really helped the process!
— Rob Huff, Image Studios

Susan condenses an overwhelming amount of information into a manageable piece while retaining all pertinent data. She turned a collection of dull reports into a highly readable, accessible document. She is completely reliable and conscientious, a valuable team member. I recommend her with the highest regard and enthusiasm!
—Judy Noyes, President, Community Ventures, Inc.

Susan’s fluid writing style creates a story far beyond expectation. She’s a real talent!
—Michelle Grove Reiland, The Spires at Broadmoor Bluffs

You are such an asset to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
—Denise Schall, Program Coordinator, Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs

I’ve worked with Susan for more than 13 years. As a partner, she is efficient, and wastes no time getting to the heart of the matter. I’ve witnessed the consistent quality and above and beyond nature of Susan’s interviewing and writing work for The Mayor’s 100 Teens. She does a tremendous service in that role.
—Margaret Grove Radford, City Council Member

Susan McConnell has consistently delighted and surprised me with her exceptional writing style and depth of knowledge. She is an accomplished and skilled professional.
—Sue Hinnen, Publisher, Colorado Springs Style

Susan has written a variety of pieces for a wide range of audiences for us, but her most amazing work is in the published profiles of the 100 youth selected each year for The Mayor’s 100 Teens. She writes with compassion, makes each individual stand out distinctly from the next, and finds a way to word their sometimes-tragic life circumstances in ways that are uplifting. I wish she wrote all of our important pieces.
—Cindie Myers, (retired) City of Colorado Springs

Susan produces clean and clever copy. It’s always a joy to work with her; she makes my job much easier!
—Mary Snyder, MS Graphics

Susan’s brilliant. She has much to offer and is so creative! The process of working with her was invaluable to me… I learned a lot. More important, she has a huge heart for the nonprofit sector — our organization is a better one because of her talents.
—Shannon Coker, Events Manager, Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado


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