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E-zines, e-newsletters
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Mission Statements
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How will you know you're hiring the right copywriter?

A great copywriter can write about anything. She does much more than simply string words together.

She asks the right questions of all the key players.

She completes necessary homework — thoroughly reviewing all existing material, digging deep and wide for relevant outside information, and interviewing additional sources.

She studies all aspects of the product, service or offering.

She examines all the pieces of your marketing puzzle, and where this particular one fits (or doesn't).

She immerses herself in your language and culture.

She helps identify the audience you're targeting and hones in on their needs, interests and concerns — then tailors an irresistible benefits-driven message in language they can relate to.

She presents information in a highly readable, easily navigated format suitable to the chosen venue.

She crafts compelling stories that showcase how your products or services dramatically impact lives or business.

Her writing ensures that print collateral gets read, e-communications get opened and read, and that web sites are user- and SEO-friendly, easily navigated and produce results.

My "writing" encompasses all of the above — and more. Ready to get started?


View samples of my work, or contact me to find out how I can help you hit the marketing communications bull's-eye.



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