Consulting Services  

• Coaching — individual or team

• Critiquing — single project or full campaign

• Communications Assessments/Audits

• Messaging Development

• Marketing Communications Plans

• And more!


When can you benefit from a communications consultant?

  • Your business/organization is young and you’re not sure where to begin with marketing communications.
  • You’re in positive growth mode but maxed out on time, creativity or in-house personnel.
  • Your sales or donations are flat or, worse, slipping.
  • You keep thinking, “I’ll get to it tomorrow” — but never do.

A communications consultant is especially helpful to organizations with minimal or no dedicated staff. This is often the case for nonprofits or young businesses. While working off shoestring budgets they need highly tuned, consistent messaging across many platforms to effectively reach their targets, cultivate additional investment and grow to the next level. Similarly, transitioning midsize businesses can fortify their brand and market share through objective outside counsel.

As a communications consultant, I bring fresh perspective to identify and strengthen problem areas, fill in staffing gaps, and help right your marketing communications course.

As a communications coach, I serve as sounding board, mentor, or surrogate department chief. I’ll provide the tips you need to improve various marketing communications skills, I’ll help get and keep your efforts on track, and I’ll unveil new ways of thinking and doing to help you manage all those spinning plates.

How do you know you’re hiring the right communications consultant?

A great communications consultant has a depth of experience in a variety of venues, from conventional print collateral to contemporary online vehicles.

She is flexible and adaptive, a good listener, and creative problem-solver.

She is quick to grasp the big picture — your organization’s culture, mission, and objectives.

She is adept at breaking down the communications function into manageable pieces.

She quickly becomes a trusted advisor, demonstrating high ethical and professional standards.

She delivers what’s promised.


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